Friday, February 15, 2008

The blogwagon. Thoughts from a belly dance paladin.

I've always fancied myself a bit of a philosopher. I think about life, my life, my interactions with other humans, how I approach the world... but yet, I hardly ever write any of these thoughts for anyone else to see. This blog is an attempt to change that.

You see, I'm not only an armchair philosopher, but also a belly dancer. This means that I'm constantly evaluating the integrity of myself as a dancer, artist, and individual. A dear friend of mine once called me a "belly dance paladin" because I have consistently ranted about the importance of truth and honesty amongst dancers, of integrity, of ethics, and of prizing quality over hype, skill over schmooze, and individuality over mimicry.

I'd like this blog to be a place where I can share my thoughts on being an artist, a businesswoman, a thinker, and a self-proclaimed protector and defender of integrity in the little niche world of belly dance.

Weird enough for an interesting blog, I hope.


Anonymous said...

Great! I am looking forward to reading your blog! :)


Anonymous said...

Cripes, you worded that wonderfully. I'll be keeping my eye on this...

Indotari said...

Hi! I found your blog yesterday and I find it very interesting.

Keep doing the good job.