Thursday, February 21, 2008

Inspirational Decay

So, some of you know, I like industrial decay. I find it eerily beautiful, and the feeling I get when seeing it, either in photographs or in real life inspires so many of my performances. The textures influence my costuming; the colors play into my make-up choices.

Tonight I found a blog that is all about posting the best photographs of industrial decay from the photosharing website flickr. It's aptly called "Industrial Decay". I wanted to share it with you, as well as some of the beautiful photographs posted there.

What unusual things do you find beautiful?


IrinaXara said...

Am I right in remembering that you have some Giger tattoos, or no?

Anonymous said...

Here's another link I saw this morning and though of your blog post: Abandoned tunnels. Your pick if these are the settings for C.H.U.D. or Beauty and the Beast.

Shhh said...

Other people think it's odd that I find photos without retouching and of "imperfect" people absolutely more beautiful and fascinating than your standard airbrushed photo.

Also photos of abandoned houses never fail to move me.