Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Sight of Music

One of the most essential elements in my performances is the music I choose. Music is what drives me to dance. After all, every style of belly dance is all about becoming the music. However, I feel like that essence somehow got lost in the bustling trend of new dancers who identify with the tribal fusion supergenre.

So... I'd like to address these subjects over the course of a few weeks or so...

  1. The importance of dancing, not just performing a series of disconnected movements.

  2. Loving your music.

  3. Not choosing music because you heard someone else using it and you thought it was cool.

  4. Using your music as a springboard to creating an aesthetic for a performance or several performances.

  5. Knowing your music inside and out.

  6. Not allowing yourself or others to pigeonhole you into dancing to certain styles of music.

Stay tuned...

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