Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rhythm Resources

Some of you were interested to know where you could learn more about Middle Eastern rhythms.

  • I recommend Suhaila Salimpour/Susu Pampanin's rhythm identification CD first and foremost. It's an excellent collection of Middle Eastern rhythms, and their various forms. You might also want to pick up Jamila Salimpour's finger cymbal CD, which has a ton of cymbal patterns to play along with. Both are available from Suhaila's website.

  • Khafif has an amazing webpage full of drum resources, including an entire page of sound samples. There's even a section on time signatures. If you're looking for an introduction to basic Middle Eastern rhythms, this page is an excellent place to start.

If you just want to listen to some awesome drumming, these are some recordings I really enjoy:

There's nothing like the drum... nothing at all.

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Amy said...

I love using "Funk" (from Fate) as a practice song. Steady and regular but not boring.